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Home » Site News » Lung Cancer Ranks No.1 in C...

Lung Cancer Ranks No.1 in Changsha Malignant Cancer Wakfu Kamas Congregation

Tags : Wakfu-Kamas     Buy-Wakfu-Kamas     Cheap-Wakfu-Kamas    

The latest statistics show that lung cancer ranks NO.1 in Changsha malignant cancer congregation for Wakfu Kamas six consecutive years. In our country, among died of lung cancer patients, nine were smokers, who are often forced to inhale second-hand smoke is also the chance of developing lung cancer relatively high. How to refuse tobacco, refused to second-hand smoke and away from lung cancer? Day before yesterday morning, the Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital, 32 patient’s director Yang said to the public and users of agricultural answering questions.

In interviews, many people were asked that do smoking and lung cancer have directly relationship. Do there have data to confirm?

In this regard, Young farmers said that smoking has been recognized as the primary cause to cause lung cancer. The large sample epidemiological survey data showed that smoking and lung cancer have the direct relationship. Among the patients who were diagnosed with lung cancer, 90% were smokers. Cancer risk and duration of smoking have the relationship. People who are 20 years of age start smoke and smoked more than 20 years, more than 20 a day smoker are suffering from lung cancer among non-smokers 20 times.

Smoking can also cause indoor air pollution, so that people around passive smoking every year due to passive smoking caused lung cancer deaths is increasing. Young farmers advised the public, for their own health, to be brave on the second-hand smoke to say "no."

A survey shows that in recent years, smoking rates of young women have a clear upward trend. Young farmers said that women's physiological characteristics determine that they are more likely to suffer from various diseases caused by smoking. If a woman and a man as much smoke cigarettes every day, the probability of lung cancer as men three times; smoking women the risk of myocardial infarction in men is almost 2 times. Also, adult women continue to smoke, it is easy to lead to cause osteoporosis. We need to remind that the females who smoking and taking birth control pills and smoked more than 20 years, they have the more risks to suffer form breast cancer.

Young reminder, if there is long-term and chronic cough; repeated sputum and sputum with bloodshot eyes, or even bright red and other symptoms, or recurrent chest pain, people need to go to hospital for examination. In addition, smoked more than 20 years and smokers aged 45 years or older, they need to adhere to a regular medical examination once a year.