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Some Careers Can Make People Live Maple Story mesos Longer

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Our physician, nutrition and health experts found that 10 kinds of career longevity topped Maple Story mesos beekeepers, ranked as follows: 1. Beekeepers; 2 modern farmer; 3. Conductor; 4. painter; 5. entertainers; 6. medical personnel; 7 sports workers; 8. horticultural operations personnel; 9. archaeologists; 10:Monk.

In fact, as early as 50 years ago, researchers discovered that beekeepers generally are very longevity. Russian scholars conducted a survey, more than 200 hundred years old, there are 143 beekeepers. Among these beekeepers, few people are suffering from major diseases such as cancer. The reason why these people are health and longevity, because of their living environment and lifestyle are inseparable. In fact, their living environment is poor, and the only possible explanation is that their diet. Their diet contains honey, bee pollen, royal jelly or propolis and other bee products, because they are easy to eat bees’ products, so many beekeepers annual eat honey or bee pollen and other bee products for many years, which lead to beekeepers can live longer.

There many painters and calligraphers are longevity in China.

The reason why there are artistic beauty to promote health, enhance the role of longevity is due to make people cheerful artistic beauty, layman's terms is unpleasant emotions can make people live longer. People can be happy and to promote healthy body secretes a hormone - enzymes and acetylcholine and other substances, this hormone can make the pulse, respiration, blood pressure, digestive juice secretion, metabolism and other states are coordinated, on the cardiovascular and digestive diseases have a preventive effect, to promote health.

A new study found that although the Olympic tournament winner’s fame is just a short, but let's catch is that their longer life expectancy than the average person. In the end is what causes such a situation? After researchers analyzed, high strength and high endurance track and field athletes live longer, and frequent physical contact sport athlete’s athletic relatively short lifetime. Such as cycling, rowing, tennis and cricket players rather long life, and boxing and other sports players shorter lifespan compared to other athletes, and the mortality rate is 11% higher than other athletes. Finally the researchers summarized the reasons for this situation, according to their analysis, Olympic medalists through intensive, scientific training has been a more than most people's physical fitness, but also because gains medals in the Olympic games, you can get bonuses and income helping them to improve their lives, thus improving the quality of life and get more good education, so they are relatively ordinary people can live longer.